005/365: Sail Away…

005/365: Sail Away…

I’m starting to really start feeling better… with life… with photography. I’m starting to realize that it’s okay to make mistakes. These mistakes are what allow us to grow. That my friends and family will be there for me regardless of the mistakes and the down portions of my life. I’m so blessed with this life I’ve been given.

So, my parents keep a lot of cool trinkets in the house. Hopefully, I can start integrating more into my pictures. Well, this bottle has been in our house for as long as I can remember. It’s actually pretty sweet. So, I’m hoping I can start a new series with this bottles. I’m hoping that when I find neat places I can bring this bottle along!

So, I’ve created like… six or so actions. I’m seriously in love with like three of them. They’re just beautiful. On this image Foggy Fields, Neutralizing Blues, and Rings of Saturn were used. These three work so well together. I’m just in love.

— Maeghen


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