Yes. I’ve been absent. Shouldn’t you all be used to it by now? (I’m actually super sorry about that…)

Microbiology is starting to get bad…like real bad. If that wasn’t enough for this summer. Kelsey (you all remember… yes?), well, she miscarried two weeks before her due date. So yes, she still had to deliver the baby. It was just so emotional for everyone. I’ve had people coming up to me all week asking what happened and how she’s doing. I’m so tired of going to the hospital in fear for my friends. I’ve never gone to the hospital as much as I have since summer has started. It’s been quite hell to be honest.

I’ve missed taking pictures. I just wasn’t motivated to take any. It’s hard to be motivated when so much is happening.

Happy Friday Everyone. Enjoy you’re weekend. I’ll be stuck in a microbiology lab manual till Wednesday!

— Maeghen